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Lavrov Sent a Serious Threat to NATO Member States

NATO is playing a dangerous game if it strives for global dominance, the head of Russian diplomacy believes.

NATO is playing a dangerous and hopeless game with its efforts to seek dominance in all regions of the world, including Eurasia, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in Minsk on Tuesday.

The head of Russian diplomacy spoke to journalists after the meeting of the foreign ministers of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO). As he said, the statements of NATO representatives only confirm the global aspiration and demand of the North Atlantic Alliance to define the rules of the game for all regions.

It’s a dangerous game

” This affects the European part of our continent and the eastern part of Eurasia as well, ” Lavrov emphasized, and then mentioned the provocations that NATO makes in relation to China, encouraging the creation of military blocs such as AUKUS (established by Australia, Great Britain and the United States defense partnership), as well as the promotion of NATO’s infrastructure and presence in this region.” 

This is a dangerous game. And sooner or later NATO will have to realize that all this is hopeless and leads to a dead end ” he added.

He emphasized: NATO will have to recognize the reality, namely the multipolar world order, where there will be no “commanders” or “supreme judges”. At the same time, he emphasized that, unlike NATO, the CSTO does not aspire to a leading role in Eurasia.

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