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Weija-Gbawe to Get Biggest Astroturf Pitch in Ghana

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Patrick Kwesi Brako Kumor, and the Member of Parliament (MP) of Weija-Gbawe, Tina Nana Ayeley Mensah, visited the 80% complete 700-capacity project site at New Gbawe Cluster of Schools on Thursday.

The MP, while commending the contractor, Oxygen Capital Group Limited, on a good job, stressed that the project was being financed by the government of Ghana through the $1 million advanced by the Coastal Development Authority (CODA) under the defunct Ministry of Special Development Initiatives.

In 2018, the MP wrote to CODA for the construction of an astroTurf pitch in fulfilment of her 2016 campaign promise to the youth of the New Gbawe Electoral Area.

The MCE, Patrick Kwesi Brako Kumor, while lauding the MP for honouring her promise, highlighted what the historic astroTurf pitch means to the municipality:

“I would like to express my wholehearted support and enthusiasm for the development of the largest artificial turf pitch in Ghana within the Weija-Gbawe municipality. This initiative reflects a commitment to improving the quality of life for residents and fostering the growth of sports and recreational activities in the region,” he said.

“The introduction of such a facility not only offers a state-of-the-art sports infrastructure but also promotes physical fitness, encourages community engagement, and provides a platform for nurturing talent in various sporting disciplines. It’s a testament to the forward-thinking leadership and the dedication of the community towards the betterment of its people.

“Moreover, a project of this magnitude will undoubtedly have economic benefits, as it can attract local and even international sports events and tournaments, bringing in revenue and boosting the local economy. It also serves as a focal point for social interaction and bonding, fostering a stronger sense of community among the residents.

“I commend the Weija-Gbawe municipality for their prudent financial management and their vision in investing in projects that enhance the overall well-being of their constituents. I believe that this astroTurf pitch will be a source of pride for the community and a symbol of progress for Ghana as a whole. Let’s continue to support initiatives like this that contribute to the growth and development of our regions and our nation,” he told the media.

The Gbawe Sports Centre, as it will be officially known, according to the contractor, is expected to be completed by the end of November this year.

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