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‘Unhealthy Competition Hindering Ghanaian Film Industry’s Growth’ – Actress Halliote Sumney

The entertainment industry is no stranger to competition, but in Ghana’s film industry, it seems to have taken a negative turn.

According to budding Ghanaian actress, Halliote Sumney, the unhealthy competition among creatives in the industry has hindered its growth and ability to compete with African counterparts.

Speaking on ‘TheZone’ with Maame Animwaa, Sumney shared her experience of the negative competition she has encountered among her colleagues in Ghana’s film industry. She emphasized that “Women in the Ghanaian movie industry are more negatively competitive than their Nigerian counterparts, and this has had a toll on the growth of the industry.”

She noted that “Ghanaian actresses are respected in Nigeria because of the good works of Ghanaian predecessors in the industry.”

She called for more collaboration and support among creatives in the Ghanaian film industry to achieve success and compete effectively with other African countries.

The actress also compared her experiences working with Ghanaian actors to those of Nigerian actors, stating that, “Nigerians are more harmonious and efficient at supporting each other. In contrast, negativity binds the hearts of many individuals in Ghana’s film industry, leading to unhealthy competition and plaguing the industry’s growth.”

Sumney shared that she is working with Ghanaian Executive film Producer, Enoch Atakorah, to contribute positively to the growth of the Ghanaian film industry and leave a legacy behind.

She teased that she has a few surprise boxes for her fans and movie fanatics to unwrap in the coming months, and she hopes to inspire more creatives to support and collaborate with each other for the growth of the industry.

Source: Modernghana