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Ghanaian Sports Minister claims he remains “confident” for successful African Games

Ghana’s Sports Minister Mustapha Ussif has claimed he remains confident the nation can “successfully host an outstanding African Games” despite the multi-sport event being delayed until next year, and the construction of venues and facilities is “on track”.

The first African Games set to be held in Ghana were postponed from August this year until March 8 to 23 2024 because of economic pressures and delays in preparations.

There have been calls for Ghana to pull out of staging the Games altogether because of an economic crisis which has led to huge price rises and a $3 billion (£2.3 billion/€2.7 billion) bailout from the International Monetary Fund.

However, Ussif toured facilities in Accra and insisted Ghana remains in a position to host the African Games.

“The progress we’ve seen today is truly commendable,” he said.

“The facilities of the University of Ghana are of exceptional quality and meet the highest international standards.

“I am confident that, with the continued dedication and support of all parties, we will successfully host an outstanding African Games.”

The University of Ghana Stadium is undergoing renovation to host athletics, football and rugby sevens at Accra 2023, and the Athletes’ Village is also due to be based at the institution.

Ussif claimed the projects at the University of Ghana are close to completion and will be finished before the deadline of December of this year.

“To assure the country and media, we will finish the facilities and do testing before the Games,” he added.

“We are not grappling with meeting deadlines.

“We are on track and are going to ensure the contractors complete the facilities on time.

“The contractor did indicate we are almost 70 per cent complete with the stadium, some of the other facilities are at 80 per cent.

“The Games Village is almost 85 per cent complete.”

Construction of the Borteyman Sports Complex remains ongoing to host the majority of sport events on the programme for Accra 2023.

This project includes a new aquatics centre, while judo, taekwondo and weightlifting are among the other sports due to be held at Borteyman.

Source: Inside the Games