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Ghanaian music exec advocates for tax break in creative sector

Ghanaian digital music expert Jonathan ‘Jonilar’ Nii Laryea has proposed a one-year tax break for media and influencers promoting arts, music and tourism to encourage and support the creative and cultural sectors in Ghana.

Jonilar, who recently took up the role of Ghana country director and brand ambassador for Uganda-based aggregator Omziki, spoke at the inaugural Digital Music Education Seminar held at the Jasikan Municipal Assembly Hall, Jasikan, Ghana, on 26 July.

Jonilar was among industry professionals who gathered to share insights and experiences, highlighting the immense potential and career opportunities in the digital music sector. The event also sought to spread awareness about the significance of digital music education among industry stakeholders.

Jonilar stressed the media’s vital role in promoting Ghanaian arts and culture, saying that a tax break constitutes a tangible gesture to show appreciation and motivate their continued dedication. “This initiative aligns with Ghana’s vision of promoting the arts and music sector as a key driver of economic growth and national identity,” he said. 

He urged the Ghanaian government and other stakeholders to invest in digital music incubator programmes in junior and senior high schools nationwide. He pointed out the growing interest in technology and digital music among the youth and stressed the significance of providing proper educational funding to support this field. He also proposed integrating digital music education as a subject in schools to spark curiosity and cultivate a thriving community of digital music enthusiasts and professionals.

“By investing in digital music incubator programmes within junior and senior high schools, we are paving the way for a future where students can explore and learn about this exciting realm of music academically,” he said. “With such educational opportunities, students will gain valuable insights into the digital music space, identify potential work prospects and unlock their full potential.”

During the event, Beum Member of Parliament Kofi Iddie Adams urged students to seize the opportunity provided by such initiatives to fuel their passion and pursue careers in the music world.

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