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December-in-Ghana: There’s Money to Make in Other Regions, Shows Are Not Innovative Enough – Jonilar

As the December-in-Ghana season begins, many have pointed out that majority of events planned for the upcoming month are usually based in Accra.

This brings up concerns about the need for show organizers to host some events in other regions in the country.

A music business executive, Jonilar, has emphasized that there is an untapped market in other regions outside Accra.

Speaking exclusively to GhanaWeb’s Isaac Dadzie, Jonilar highlighted that people across various regions, not just in Accra, are willing to spend money at events.

He, however, stressed the need for organizers to craft events that capture attention and ensure diverse and engaging experiences.

He called for organizers, artistes and stakeholders to craft unforgettable experiences aside from the repetitive formats.

“People have money to spend at events. Even in other regions outside Accra. Go and ask Kasapreko and Club Beer how many drinks they sell in every region in December alone. People are doing a lot at events. You see this lounge we set and people buy tables 3000, 4000. It’s not only happening in Accra. It’s happening in town, not even regional capitals. It’s happening all over. But you see, here’s the thing.

“If you are bringing something, it’s about the experience. Because we’ve attended events countless times, but December in Ghana should be a process that is fully engineered. We should create something that we want to get people’s attention,” he told GhanaWeb.

Jonilar further suggested a fusion of local cultures and diversity in events instead of being centered only around musical events.

He encouraged organizers to explore and incorporate various cultural elements from different regions.

He advocated for building experiences around these cultural elements to provide attendees with a more immersive and meaningful engagement.

“The only way we can build a successful event culture in Ghana is by integrating our indigenous culture. Because if it’s going to be Amapiano in Accra and I go to Ho and it’s Amapiano again, then let me stay in Accra.

“But there’s a beautiful culture in the eastern region that is not necessarily music. It could be some form of art, it could be some food, maybe some river body is there. They build something around those things. You get it because it’s an experience,” he said.

Jonilar’s comments draw light to the potential for Ghanaian events to be more than just music-driven occasions and for event organizers to create experiences that resonate with a wider audience.

Source : Ghana Web