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Blu Penguin Emerges as Ghana’s Fastest-Growing Fintech at Prestigious Business Awards

Held at the luxurious Movenpick Hotel under the theme “Celebrating Organizations Committed to Remarkable Business Standards Geared Towards Sustainable Growth,” the awards recognize organizations that exemplify outstanding business practices in Ghana.

Blu Penguin’s remarkable achievement was primarily attributed to its groundbreaking in-store payments solution, BluPay.

This innovative app has become a cornerstone of the Ghanaian financial landscape, highly regarded by both merchants and banks across the nation. It allows businesses to seamlessly accept payments through mobile money and cards from their valued customers.

One of BluPay’s distinguishing features is its compatibility with various local mobile money networks, including MTN Momo, Vodafone Cash, AT Money, and ZeePay. It further extends its reach by facilitating Visa, Mastercard, and contactless transactions, providing a wide range of payment options.

BluPay is designed for installation on point-of-sale (POS) devices or smartphones, streamlining the payment process for merchants. Its cross-platform compatibility ensures that it caters to both iOS and Android users, making it accessible to a broad audience. Currently, over three million Ghanaians, representing approximately 10% of the country’s population, have transacted using Blu Penguin’s platforms, with this number steadily growing.

Founder and CEO of Blu Penguin, Tenu Awoonor, expressed his enthusiasm for BluPay’s impact on merchant businesses. He emphasized that BluPay enables cashiers to swiftly adopt the system, and its remarkable capability to seamlessly integrate all payment channels into a single app makes it incredibly convenient for merchants. The app also provides business owners with a dedicated portal to monitor transactions in real-time, even from remote locations.

CEO of Blu Penguin, Tenu Awoonor.

Blu Penguin’s services extend beyond BluPay, encompassing payment links and API integration solutions tailored for online stores. Additionally, they offer a sales and inventory management app called ShopKeeper, designed to help sellers track sales and inventory in real-time using just a smartphone. The company also provides banks with a Transaction Management Dashboard for real-time monitoring and troubleshooting of terminals within their network.

Blu Penguin’s reach extends beyond Ghana, with a presence in Cote d’Ivoire and plans to commence full operations in the DR Congo. Their future plans include strengthening their presence in Swipe4Cash within Ghana. Swipe4Cash enables agents to provide quick cash availability for individuals holding bank cards, offering convenience where ATMs are less accessible.

Moreover, Blu Penguin aims to provide an open API, allowing diverse B2B fintech services to integrate seamlessly, enabling companies to create customized financial solutions with ease. They are also working on a credit financing scheme for merchants to support their growth and scaling endeavors.

Blu Penguin emerges as Ghana’s fastest-growing Fintech at Prestigious Business Awards

With these innovations and a commitment to empowering businesses, Blu Penguin has undoubtedly earned its title as Ghana’s Fastest Growing Fintech.

The company’s vision for a technology-driven financial landscape is making waves in the industry and contributing to the growth of Ghana’s economy.

Source : Pulse