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Beware Of Hackers, New Ghana Warned

The President of the New Ghana Social Justice Forum, Mr. Yahaya Alhassan, has issued a warning to activists, bloggers, anti-corruption campaigners, and civil societies to remain vigilant against hackers as Ghana approaches the 2024 general elections. He specifically advised the electoral commission to be on guard against command centers attempting to infiltrate their systems to manipulate figures in their favor.

During a press briefing, Mr. Alhassan commended a white hat hacker, Mr. Kekeli Emmanuel, for successfully recovering the Facebook page and all related contacts of the New Ghana Social Justice Forum, which had been previously hacked. Mr. Kekeli, the founder of Kekeli University and President of KMN Media Network, utilized specialized software to recover and secure the New Ghana platforms.

Taking the opportunity, Mr. Kekeli, an IT expert, shared valuable advice with the general public, cautioning against clicking on unfamiliar links, accepting invitations, or filling out forms requesting personal or login details. He emphasized the importance of checking the URL in the top address bar to ensure it matches the platform being used.

Mr. Kekeli further elaborated, stating, “When you receive an email claiming to be from Facebook, be cautious. If, after clicking, you realize that the top bar address is different from the official Facebook address, it’s likely a trap to compromise your security.”

The New Ghana Social Justice Forum was founded with the mission of promoting good governance and liberating Ghana from the entrenched corruption of both past and present systems, as well as the influence of political elites. The goal is to transition to a new system of government that champions various aspects of good governance, including transparency, accountability, an independent judiciary, media freedom, women’s empowerment, and public participation.

Source : Modern Ghana