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Aruna Abdu’s Vision for Ghana Football: the Rise of Yorktown Football Club

The year was 1999, a time when Twitter had yet to establish itself as the powerful communication platform we know today, TikTok remained a distant future, and the coveted Nokia phone was on everyone’s Wishlist. Black and white TV sets set apart their owners from the rest of the ordinary Ghanaian population. Music, dance, fashion, and style were thriving, and football held a special place among the various forms of entertainment.

In this era, scouting eyes were keenly focused on Africa, a continent brimming with untapped talent yearning for refinement to reach its full potential. The challenge lay in the inadequate technical knowledge when it came to training young individuals across the diverse sectors within Africa. It was in the midst of this void that a young and enthusiastic visionary, Tom Vernon, the current CEO of the flourishing Right to Dream Academy based in Akosombo, Ghana, took the initiative to bridge the gap.

The Birth of Yorktown Football Club

Aruna Abdu, a prominent business magnate primarily involved in real estate and other ventures, had a vision. His vision was to provide an opportunity for underprivileged yet talented young individuals, a vision that culminated in the establishment of Yorktown on August 15, 2021.

Aruna Abdu’s commitment to developing and nurturing the club’s potential was tangible, echoing the wisdom of the adage, “actions speak louder than words.” In a remarkably short time since the club’s inception, Abdu secured a generous acre of land in the heart of Senya, a location known for its serenity and favorable conditions for football activities in the region.

He shared his aspirations, saying, “It is my heartfelt desire to uplift those in need and contribute to the growth of football in our country.” To turn this dream into reality, Aruna Abdu embarked on an European tour to engage with key stakeholders in the sport and seek expertise from prominent figures in regions including France, Spain, Belgium, and Turkey. He believed that this proactive step would attract scouts to Ghana and ensure the meticulous and accurate recruitment of young talents.

Aruna Osman’s journey led him to meaningful discussions with clubs such as Dessel Football Club in the Belgian division, Pau FC in the French division, Atletico Alcala in the Spanish division, and Kartalspor FC in the Turkish division, and he sealed a partnership with Berk Sports Agency in Turkey. Therefore, a scouting program is designed to begin early next month in Accra to scout talents across the region. A clarion call to all young athletes to endeavor to be part.

Yorktown holds a significant record of transferring players out of the shores of Ghana. The latest additions to the numbers are Ronald Forson, Tahiru Ibrahim, and Emmanuel Afriyie, who were transferred to a two-year deal with the Qatari side, Bayounah FC, respectively.

What Sets Clubs Apart

When evaluating football clubs and their attractiveness as potential investments, several key factors come into play. These factors encompass governance, ownership, board and managerial issues, financial sustainability plans, human resource management, infrastructure, and more. These elements serve as crucial yardsticks for serious investors assessing the growth potential of a football club.

Remarkably, many clubs, including those in the Ghana Premier League, continue to grapple with these very same challenges even today. These areas are pivotal in fostering the growth and success of football clubs, making them worthy of both investment and admiration.

The establishment of Yorktown Football Club by Aruna Abdu signifies a promising endeavor to uplift the untapped potential of young talents and contribute to the growth of football in Ghana. Aruna’s dedication and commitment to making a positive impact are evident in his actions, not just his words, and he is determined to bring about meaningful change in the world of sports.

Source : My Joy Online