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2023 Ghana Events Summit set for October 14

The maiden edition of the Ghana Events Summit is set to take place on October 14, 2023, at the Accra Tourist Information Centre, starting at 9:30 am.

The Summit’s central theme is “Innovation and sustainability in events: embracing new trends and technology.”

The Ghana Events Summit is established with a vision to create an immersive and transformative event business ecosystem. It aims to bring together event executives, professionals, and stakeholders to ignite creativity, inspire innovation, and foster the development and sustainability of the event industry.

This event is an exceptional opportunity to influence a collective effort to elevate the standard of event services, command values, foster excellence, encourage growth, and drive positive and transformative change for national economic and social impact.

The Summit will feature a distinguished lineup of speakers who will share their insights and expertise. Some of the notable speakers and their respective topics include:

Mr. Nabil Alhassan, CEO of Event Factory, will discuss “Innovations in events: leveraging new trends and technologies.”

Sammy Flex, CEO of Sammy Flex TV, will explore “Utilization of digital/online media in events.”

Mr. Ernest Nana Yaw Odame, Project officer at the Ghana Tourism Authority, will cover “How to attract good sponsorships/partnerships for events and the influence of events on tourism.”

Mrs. Emmaline Dartey, CEO of ICS Africa, will delve into “Relationship management and branding in events.”

Mr. Robert Klah, Head of Public Events and Communications at Charter House, will talk about “Events brand credibility, consistency, and growth.”

Frema Adunyame, Head of Events & Partnerships at Citi TV / Citi FM, will focus on “Events brand publicity and representation; the role of traditional media (TV/FM).”

Richard Osei, CEO of Asuavo Security Company Limited, will address “Events risk management.”

Mr. Raji Gideons, CEO of Global Ovations, will guide the audience through “Developing the best marketing strategies to foster event relevance and sustainability.”

Harrison Boadu Barnoh, CEO of Eye 360 Company Limited, will highlight “Events security and safety.”

Mr. Robert Nyadu, CEO of Castvote, will explore “Events and technology: How to leverage digital voting, E-ticketing, AI, among others.”

The Ghana Events Summit promises to be an insightful and transformative event that will shape the future of the event industry in Ghana.

It provides a unique platform for event planners, industry professionals, and experts to exchange knowledge, foster innovation, and inspire excellence in the field of event business.

This landmark event is expected to gather professionals, stakeholders, and enthusiasts in the event industry to connect, collaborate, and explore new horizons. The organizers are excited to welcome the media to provide coverage of this significant milestone.

The event aims to foster an ecosystem that will drive the development and sustainability of the event industry in Ghana. It encourages innovation, creativity, and excellence while making a positive impact on the nation’s economic and social landscape.

Source : Ghana Web